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Help us soar

NRFoundation helps the youth dig deep into their daily life, by building genuine, engaging relationships. We believe it is important for the youth to soar into their "WHY" calling with journaling and self-care practices. This mentorship brings healing to the baggage the youth carry with them, transitioning them from their caterpillar, and reaching their full potential as a butterfly.
"You're always assigned a worker by the court when you're in the system, this worker is there as a mentor/friend to you until a new home is found for you to be placed in. Having gone through this experience a few times, I couldn't help but feel as if that friend was there just to kill time until I was placed to live somewhere else. If I would have had someone along my journey, to help guide me through the doors of ease and happiness. I know my life would have been a different experience during these years." -Nicole Ross


Volunteers Serving Food

Giving makes the heart grow

We are all born to give. Whether it is our wisdom, our service, our donations or our love, that is what we are all put here to do. In Our Foundation, we show the youth the love that comes with giving, and the overflow that is received from doing so. We are committed to having our youth involved during community volunteering events, in order to set the tone of opening their hearts. They are utilizing every experience encountered to grow, give back & unite with others.



Make a dream come true

The fear of not being able to continue your education as the rest of your peers will head off to college, starts to consume your mind when you're about to age out of the system, with no family to call home. "Everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed in life. Unfourntchantley the resources are very limited to almost none when it comes to seeking help in continuing your education while being in the system. When it came time for me to enroll in school, my heart dropped at the fact that we are all set up to not succeed because of our life situation. This is why a lot of our youth age out of the system, and end up going down a path not leading them to destiny"
-Nicole Ross.
No youth should ever feel alone in this process, that is why it's so important for NRFoundation to help bring grants and scholarships to those who are seeking to continue and advance their education. A child's past should not determine their future.



Love who you are

Mental abuse takes over your daily thoughts when you continuously hear the worse about yourself every day. "I always dreamed of what it would be like to wake up and feel good about myself. Not just physically but mentally as well. Verbal abuse is very powerful. When I discovered my journey of fitness and health, it led me to the path of clarity for a healthy heart and mind. I evolved out of my cocoon and had the opportunity to fall in love with who I was created to be, by taking care of my mind, spirit, and body. " -Nicole Ross

As a foster child, you can have limited resources to live a healthy life, determining your current situation. Your influences often become who you are. NRFoundation brings clarity to the youth, by digging into their journey of self-love. Providing Cooking classes, fitness activities and more. By interacting with our youth in a positive light, we are able to open their path of alignment and gain ease no matter their current situation. 

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